David Vignau

Master chocolate maker, David Vignau is at different levels. First of all, the one of the heart and soul, and the one of the title, because it is with a diploma that he can claim these letters of nobility.While he heads two boutiques, located at the Destreland Shopping Centre and in Jarry, David Vignau cultivates a unique, generous and demanding vision of his status as a business leader. This man from the South-West is first and foremost an artist, addicted to the good but also to the beautiful, passionate about meaning and the pleasure of sharing with his visitors the dreamlike origin of his masterpieces.They wanted their products to be top-of-the-range, focusing on excellence, an impeccable finish and quality raw materials.A search for perfection that can also be felt in the welcome and attention reserved for any aesthete of taste who, thanks to a soothing break, has the luxury of entering this luminous, comfortable and exquisite universe.

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